Cultural Events

Here is a non comprehensive list of all events closeby Miglieglia :


A lot of events take place all year long in Lugano - including a lot of open air festivals during summer time (including the most famous Estival Jazz) - another way to discover the city !


Two major events overcome the artistic scene : the fim festival and the music festival 'Moon & Stars' but this city offers much more other cultural events throughout the year.


Here are some major events amongst all other various events which take place in Milan:

- the design week (April) including the Brera off fair which will enable you to enter into some amazing palaces - open to the public just during this particular week. Instead Ventura Lambrate will bring you to another part of the city where you'll discover some new designers coming from everywhere and maybe you'll just discover the next most popular designer!

- the fashion week

- and many other music or theater events (don't forget to book your ticket for the famous opera la SCALA)